Hippus bits' goal is to liberate the noble horse from pain and pressure, offering a genuine opportunity to enter into a complimentary relationship between man and horse. HIPPUS bits are designed so that constant pressure is not exerted on the horse’s tongue, palate and bars.  

In addition, our design ensures that there is enough space in the horse’s mouth, allowing the horse to breathe more effectively. The tongue is kept free, and this ensures that it can stimulate the saliva glands in the optimum way and enhance balance and performance.

Brutal riders with hard hands will not enjoy Hippus bits.  

Which bit for my horse?

Because of the special uninterrupted form, and the patented single-joint , Hippus bits have a 20 mm self adjusting size range which will fit an average-sized mouth from 11.5 to 13.5 cm. L-series bits are suitable for large-sized mouth, from 13.5 to 15.5 cm.

Hippus snaffle bits can also be used for dressage competitions; the C1100, H510, H510G DW100, DW100G and K2000 models comply with regulation guidelines.


Important: The correct positioning of the noseband

  • Common/cavesson: Should not be used too tight, as to restrict jaw movement and impede natural balance. The original guide is 2 fingers loose!
  • Drop noseband/grakle noseband: Can restrict autonomy and ability of horse to carry the bit in optimal position, by permanently locking the bit in the 'wrong' position!