Problems that can result from poor dental care

Did you know that all of these problems can be related to poor dental care?

Problems with riding:

  • head shaking
  • head tilted to one side
  • not stopping
  • hard to put on bridle
  • high head carriage
  • rearing, running backwards, running away, bucking
  • over-bent
  • pointing of nose
  • bad transitions, unsuitable lead changes
  • stiff neck
  • bursitis of the poll
  • hard mouth, tongue problems
  • shoulder stiffness
  • forging and overstepping
  • hollow back
  • lack of impulsion from behind
  • goes better one side than other
  • atlas (poll) problems
  • bleeding
  • excessive salivation

Further problems:

  • loss of weight
  • eating too fast, eating too slow
  • holding head to one side to prevent food dropping
  • dropping food
  • washing food in water before eating
  • dentition fever
  • cribbing, biting
  • eye and nasal discharge
  • stink from mouth or nose
  • facial bumps or lumps
  • intermittent lameness
  • temperament changes
  • low disposition

If you see any of these symptoms in your horse, please give immediatite attention to them and also talk to your horse dentist. You can avoid worse effects and prevent creating bad habits for both horse and rider.